About Itemscript

Itemscript is a project to build a set of open-source tools for working with JSON, both in server-side Java environments and client-side GWT/browser environments.

Itemscript JSON library

The Itemscript JSON library is a JSON library for both standard Java environments and the GWT Java environment. It's released under the new BSD license.

Itemscript Schema

Itemscript Schema is a draft specification for a simple schema language for JSON. The goal is to be useful for any kind of JSON application as well as for Itemscript applications.

Here's why we think the world needs a new schema language: The Problem with Schema

Itemscript Schema provides a common data language for all the components, and is used to describe declarations and data exchange formats.

Itemscript enables a concise declaration of data and components and allows refinement or replacement of services and components without requiring changes to the application source code.

Itemscript is an open platform that allows anyone to build plugins and modules that take advantage of easy type declaration, easy and standardized object initialization and wiring, and easy client development without having to write Javascript code - or at least, keeping it to a minimum.

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